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Stacy Hannah Chocolate



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Level up your snack game with these moreish artisan chocolate snack bars, hand tempered for snap, and sprinkled with delicious ingredients including dried fruits, nuts, sea salt & natural flavours for a little extra crunch.

Made to satisfy any craving, these bars are sure to liven up your day and your taste buds, perfect with a cuppa, as an afternoon pick-me-up, they are a delightful treat any time of the day.

Each individual bar comes gift boxed, or packaged as a trio, perfect for sharing.

LEMON & PISTACHIO - tangy lemon marshmallow & pistachio caramel in white chocolate 

HAZELNUT CARAMEL - blonde chocolate with whole roasted hazelnuts in salted caramel 

FOOL'S GOLD - blonde chocolate with honeycomb & raspberry crumble

GOLD DIGGER - blonde chocolate studded with honeycomb & crunchy salted caramel nuggets 

WHOLE LOTTA ROSIE - rose infused milk chocolate with raspberry pieces



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