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Stacy Hannah Chocolate



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Because sometimes you just need that snappy crunch of good old-fashioned solid chocolate! These artisan chocolate bars are sure to satisfy your craving, elevated with delicious ingredients including fruit, nuts, sea salt & natural flavours, they are an incredibly moreish treat for the taste buds.

GOLD DIGGER - caramelised white chocolate studded with golden nuggets of crunchy honeycomb & salted caramel 

SEAS the DAY - oak smoked sea salted caramel in Caramelia chocolate

WHOLE LOTTA ROSIE - rose infused milk chocolate with tart raspberry crumble & cocoa nibs

WINTER SPICE CARAMEL LATTE - ground fruity Guatemalan coffee nibs & winter spices in caramelised white chocolate 

MULLED WINE SPICE - orange & spices in fruity Ruby chocolate

LADY MARMALADE - grapefruit, orange & lemon marmalade in aromatic 66% Alpaco dark chocolate

WHISKY BAR - the rich smoky flavours of Ardbeg Uigeadail Islay single malt in an intense 70% Guanaja dark chocolate truffle filling 

BLOOD ORANGE & RASPBERRY - Ruby chocolate laced with blood orange and decorated with raspberry crumble

SEAS the NIGHT - 70% Guanaja dark chocolate filled with Blackthorn sea salted dark chocolate caramel 

SEAS & GREETINGS - 70% Guanaja dark chocolate filled with spiced orange Blackthorn sea salted dark chocolate caramel

LIME & TARRAGON - 66% spicy Alpaco dark chocolate with lime & tarragon

BERRY, JUNIPER & CHILLI - 65 % Alto El Sol single estate Peruvian dark chocolate with dried berries, juniper & chili 

GRAPEFRUIT & COFFEE - 70% Sao Thomé dark chocolate with grapefruit & Guatemalan ground coffee nibs 

ROSE & COCOA NIB - 70% dark Guanaja chocolate with a subtle hint of rose and crunchy cocoa nibs 

CRANBERRY & PISTACHIO - 64% Madagascan dark chocolate with juicy cranberries & crunchy pistachio 

LEMON VERBENA & SEA SALT - creamy Velvet white chocolate with lemon verbena & crunchy Blackthorn sea salt crystals

MANDARIN, CHILLI & COCOA NIB - 65% Alto El Sol single estate Peruvian dark chocolate with mandarin, chilli & crunchy cocoa nib


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