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Stacy Hannah Chocolate



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Sparkle Bark are crisp shards of delicious silky chocolate taken up a notch with added popping candy for a surprise crackle!

With it's snappy crunch, bite into the fun side of chocolate with this luscious, crackling chocolate experience. These barks come in large 135g bags which are perfect for sharing, but be warned, once you start popping there's no stopping!

✨ PEARL REEF - white chocolate with lemon, crunchy Blackthorn Sea Salt crystals, crispy white chocolate cereal pearls & popping candy 

✨ FOOL'S GOLD - caramelised blonde chocolate with crunchy honeycomb, salted caramel nibs, raspberry crumble & popping candy 

✨ ZESTPRESSO - milk chocolate infused with lemon, with ground single origin coffee & popping candy 

✨ MINTED ROASTER - milk chocolate infused with peppermint oil, with ground single origin coffee & popping candy

✨ THE HOTSTEPPER - dark chocolate infused with lime & chilli with added popping candy 


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